Who we are

We exist to please our Lord

You know who we are by the way we love one another.  One should be able to expect to see and experience Love when they walk into any Church that claims to love Jesus.  However, that is not always what happens, is it?  Come as you are.  That is what they say, and when you come as you are, you feel judged rather than loved.  Know the irony?  Church folk have as much in their closet as you do.  There is not a person in this world that isn’t in need of Jesus and what He did on that cross.  There also isn’t anyone that is without problems, hardships or heartache, and we ALL need help.  My name is Pastor James Nickerson, and I believe all our life problems are given perfect answers and advice how to deal with in Scripture.  Truth be told, we often only listen to or hear the advice and not DO what we learned.  Any of this sounding accurate?
This year, we will be acknowledging the “Association of Certified Biblical Counselors” (ACBC) Some might say this is a movement, I believe it is something all of us should have adopted years ago.  It places the relationship between God, His word and us in the proper perspective.  How does this help us and you?
We will be having a variety of different discipleship classes that will help us learn more strongly who we are and who Jesus truly is in our lives, and what it looks like how to (genuinely, sincerely) live that out on a day to day level.  As our relationship grows closer with our Lord and Savior…  So will our relationships within the Church body.  We will not dismiss the real sin issues that are in need of giving it to God through true repentance, but we also won’t dismiss the need for tenderness and love for those in the middle of it.  It is truly our desire here at Midway, that this Church and those in it are ruled by the Love God shows us by example.  I pray from this point forward, if anyone asks or says anything about Midway Baptist, it would be synonymous  with that Love.  Not for our sake, but for solely the Glory of God.